The quote from Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken has been thought of as synonymous with individuality and going your own way. It might be thought that taking the road less travelled means taking a path that’s more risky and provides adventure. There are lots of ways you might interpret the metaphor but Robert Frost himself seemed to infer a completely different meaning.

Some may think taking the road less travelled could be in reference to Frost’s own choice to be a poet and take a potentially risky path. However it’s likely that Frost was using an unreliable narrator to make another point about our decision making.

robert frost quote

The second stanza of the poem clarifies that both roads are actually “worn… really about the same.” Both the paths being revealed to be Frost was actually mocking the idea that one single decision could be life changing or that there’s any worth in overthinking small decisions. 

Frost actually lamented how readers would misinterpret the poem that he called ‘tricky’. The reader revealing that both of the roads are actually quite similar makes the choice more of a whim.