The infamous book thief who posed as publishing executives to get early manuscripts of big releases has now been caught. The FBI arrested the Rights Coordinator for Simon & Schuster UK saying at he “impersonated, defrauded, and attempted to defraud hundreds of individuals”.

Filippo Bernardini, 29, created fake emails by replacing one or two characters to present as publishing industry professionals. Having worked in the industry Bernardini was able to mimic industry lingo like ‘ms’ for manuscript to create believable phishing emails.

He targeted both big name authors like Margaret Atwood, as well as smaller authors. Bernardini targeted industry professionals in at least 10 different languages and allegedly created over 160 fraudulent domains.

The most unusual part of the story is that despite the great lengths Bernardini went to illegally acquire these manuscripts, his motives don’t seem monetary. He never asked for a ransom, reproduced or pirated the copies.