After loving Daisy Jones and The Six I was excited to pick up Malibu Rising, even if I’m a bit late to it!

In Malibu Rising, 4 siblings get together to throw an infamous party each year, although this year it will end in a fire. The story follows the individual dramas each character is experiencing as well as family history that gives context to where they are now.

The eldest sibling Nina Riva has raised her younger siblings after being abandoned by their rockstar father and their mother passing. Jay Riva is a professional surfer, Hud Riva is a photographer, and the youngest sibling, Kit Riva, is in college. 

In this family drama Taylor Jenkin Reid brings to life a glamorous story about love, tragedy and family. 

As the cover suggests this makes a perfect beach read (or a rainy indoor read), it’s a fun drama with a few unexpected twists and turns. As much as I enjoyed Malibu Rising I would have to say it fell slightly short from Daisy Jones and the Six. Nevertheless I am keen to read more TJR, which would you recommend next?⁠