I very rarely read memoirs but Jeannette McCurdys book I’m Glad My Mom Died really peaked my interest with it’s rave reviews and provocative content. I was worried that the PR around the book had hyped it up so much that it was bound to be a let down but it ended up being one of my favourite reads from 2022.

I’m Glad My Mom Died follows Nickelodeon child star Jeanette McCurdys acting career and abusive relationship with her mother. The book gave compelling background into the problematic world of child acting as well as exploring issues of body image and coming of age that felt relatable.


The narrative laid out by Jeannette takes the reader on her own journey to come to terms with the toxic and complicated relationship she has with her mother. The writing is an expert balance of blunt seriousness and humour, there is no flowery language.

I listening to the audiobook narrated by Jeanette herself and I feel like it made the book even more impactful. Even if you’re not very aware of Jeanette McCurdy or the shows she has acted in I would still fully recommend it to anyone. Jeanette is an excellent writer and whatever genre her next book is I would be excited to read it.